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Residential or Business – SAVE TIME & STRESS WITH ERRAND BOYS

Errand Boys is a company that helps residential and commercial clients save time and money by offering multiple services all through one outlet.  We can consolidate all those time consuming phone calls and appointments into one or two visits and provide you with free estimates on multiple projects throughout your home or business.

For example, we can provide you with an estimate for pick-up and delivery, for power washing your home,  for mowing the lawn, for cleaning the windows, for trimming the bushes, for mulching the property, for cleaning out the garage or basement, for moving a heavy object upstairs or down stairs, for moving out the entire house or business, for stump removal, for treating and maintaining your pond, for cleaning out your pond and so much more.

On the administrative side we can provide data entry, make reservations, design a logo, flier, brochure for your new business, organization or event, make you a PowerPoint presentation or even provide consultation for a job you wish to do yourself. We’ll even house sit your home while you’re away, feed the pets, water the plants and make sure the refrigerator is operational and that the home is secure.

Errand Boys promises to provide you with quality service and excellent customer service. So take the time to explore our website and remember we’ll do anything as long as it’s Legal, Ethical or Well Intentioned.  

Not sure about what else we do. Just ask!

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Take a look at our service page today for a full list of concierge services provided under each category with pricing.  We also provide free estimates. Most estimates can be provided within 24 hours.

Administrative Moving & Packing
Events Organizing & Cleaning
Graphic Design Pick-up & Delivery
Residential Technical
Commercial Water Garden and Pond Products

Pricing may vary depending on location and complexity of the task being requested. The prices listed on errandboys.org are for reference and we will honor those prices in most circumstances.  We do offer free estimates so that you will know what the cost is before any work is attempted.